Episode 20: The Black Widow


On Friday, March 17, 1989 in Twin Peaks, WA: Doug Milford died while in bed with his new wife Lana. She bewitches the men at the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department, but is she actually a witch? Mayor Dwayne Milford seems to think so!  But Dick thinks the true evil spirit in town is Little Nicky, the orphan he has taken under his wing.  Meanwhile, Ben Horne hires Bobby to spy on Hank. Hank’s drug-dealing partner Ernie is captured by DEA Agent Denise Bryson, and may be able to help prove Agent Cooper’s innocence.  Meanwhile, James left town...and the story went with him! What is he up to? Join the Now Peaking hosts as we review this episode of Twin Peaks and bide time for a few more episodes!